Smith-Root Apex Backpack Electrofisher Equipment

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    The New Apex of Backpack Electrofishing Apex Electrofishers are transforming fisheries research. You asked us for data and standardization and we listened. Apex electrofishers record electrofishing inputs and outputs every second while displaying them on a beautiful color LCD screen. In the field or the office, download your electrofishing data in seconds via USB then analyze over 20 variables. Includes lead-acid battery.

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    Apex is Trending

    While electrofishing, the full color LCD screen displays three minutes of electrofishing output graphs for Peak Voltage, Peak Current, and Peak Power. A quick glance at the screen provides rapid analysis of trends in the electrofisher's performance to give you confidence in your settings and technique.

    Integrated GPS

    Integrated Global Positioning System (GPS) coordinates are recorded while electrofishing, eliminating the need for manually recording location data. GPS coordinates are easily exported from the electrofisher and imported into standard mapping software to create professional displays.

    The Most Features of Any Backpack

    With more than 50 years of building electrofishers under our belt, we pulled out all the stops when designing the Apex. Dual Channel Outputs, Widest Electrical Output Ranges, Timer Alarm, Help Tutorials, Diagnostic Mode, Animated Waveform, Trend Graphs, GPS Coordinates, Battery Meter, Data Recording, Data Download, User Performed Software Upload, and more.

    Standardization is Standard

    The Apex revolutionizes electrofishing output standardization. Onboard help and graphed trends provide realtime information to standardize electrofishing outputs between waterbodies with differing environmental conditions.

    Get Help In The Field

    Did you forget what frequency, duty cycle, or voltage to use? The Apex comes loaded with an onscreen help system containing tutorials, suggestions, and tips that make your fieldwork more effective and informed. If you encounter issues that you are unable to resolve, quickly download and send the recorded data to Smith-Root for diagnostic help.


    The integrated Global Positioning System (GPS) revolutionizes the recording and plotting of electrofishing transects. Utilize the GPS coordinates on your computer to create instant electrofishing maps.

    • 20+ electrofishing data fields geo-referenced and logged every second
    • Export your data in seconds
    • Professionally display your data in minutes
    • Analyze and standardize across your electrofishing fleet