1. ¿Where is the BIOWEB main office located?
      You have clicked on the BIOWEB Global store with the offices in the United States, located in Atlanta, GA. We do not have a  direct customer service line at this office. If you wish to contact us, please click on “Contact us” at the bottom of the home page.
    2. ¿Do you ship packages to other countries?
      Yes, we ship to almost any country in the world. If your country is not on the list when signing in, let us know to check if we can add your country in our list.
    3. ¿How can I request an item?
      You should be registered in BIOWEB, the registration process is fast and free. Then add the items to your shopping cart  and quantity you wish to purchase, ending with the checkout. It’s easy, just follow the shipping and payment steps and your purchase will be completed.  If there is an oversized or imported item, you need to request a quote.
    4. ¿The prices are based on which currency?
      The prices in the catalog are shown in United States dollars (USD). Taxes are not included and will be added at the checkout point. Taxes will vary depending on the State billing address or on the State shipping address. All items are tax exempt for shipping to another country. The international taxes and duties will be assumed by the customer located at the international destination. BIOWEB is not responsible for those delays or costs that may occur or apply to the purchased items, due to the Customs of the country of destination. To know more about Customs rules and regulations in your country, please contact the appropriate authority in your country.
    5. ¿How much will be the shipping cost?
      The website will estimate the shipping cost depending on the type of shipping and the company that you choose to do the shipping. We do business with USPS, UPS and DHL. The shipping cost will vary depending on the weight and the item/s size. Shipping will always be insured by default with a maximum of $2000 USD or $3000 USD. There is NO tracking number with USPS First-Class Package International Service and its maximum insurance allowed is only up to $50 USD. We suggest to choose a courier in Miami, FL for orders with oversized items which have a shipping surcharge by the shipping companies we work with. If you request an oversized item directly to you, we need to send you a quote. If you don´t accept the additional charge, you must choose a courier in Miami, but also has a higher price. Check our Tips for Shopping.
    6. ¿What is considered oversized items?
      Any box, product or combination above 80 to 120 inches total sides depending of the box sides. Also any product or combination above 70 lb.
    7. ¿Do the prices include TAX/VAT?
      No, please see #4.
    8. ¿How can I pay for an item?
      Once the checkout is made, you will be able to choose different ways to make the payment. You could use credit card, debit card (USA bank), bank deposit inside the United States. For other countries, you can also use a bank wire transfer option. We don't work with Western Union neither Paypal. For some countries, a bank wire transfer are the unique options. We are not accepting purchase orders from private or public entities at this time. Purchases must be paid in total previous to shipping.
    9. ¿Is it safe to do transfers through the Internet?
      Our system does the transactions through the Shopify anti-fraud system which is a platform very secure. You are able to place your order with confidence. You may see Secure Shopping.
    10. ¿How long does it take to deliver the requested item?
      Most of the items we offer are manufactured in the United States, with some also produced in Europe, Asia, and Colombia. The standard delivery time for items shipped within the United States using the postal service Prioritary Mail, is approximately 4-8 business days. 
      For deliveries to other countries, using the postal service Prioritary International Mail the estimated delivery time is 15-75 days after the Estimated Processing Time (EPT) is completed (e.g. to Chile have been received from 15 and other up to 75 days). Some items may require a longer production time, leading to extended delivery times. Please note that the delivery schedule may vary and experience delays, which are beyond the control of BIOWEB. We recommend that you place your orders well in advance, especially before your next field trip. It's important to be aware that BIOWEB does not ship items on Saturdays, Sundays, or U.S. holidays. If you opt for using Express shipping, you will have the choice of using UPS (Expedited or Saver) or USPS (Express) and DHL. For shipments within the USA, the estimated shipping time after EPT completion is 2-4 business days. For international orders, the estimated shipping time for UPS  are 10-15 business days (e.g. to Israel 10 days or to Bolivia 14 days), with USPS Express are 10-15 business days and using DHL are 6-12 days (e.g. to Chile 11 days).
    11. ¿What is the meaning of Estimated Processing Time (EPT)?
      As we don´t stock most of the products, ETP is the time of production (if necessary) and delivery from the vendor to our warehouse.
    12. ¿How can I track my purchase order?
      You will be notified automatically with your tracking number.
    13. ¿How can I get an item whose brand or publishing company is represented by BIOWEB, but is not shown on this website?
      You will find on this website mainly the most requested items; however, if you wish to order an item that is not shown in this catalog, and is of a brand or publishing company that BIOWEB represents, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will show you how to obtain this product.
    14. How can I purchase a specific item that is very expensive in my country, or that I am not able to find, or is not represented by BIOWEB?
      If you are in the US, please contact the vendor for potential authorized resellers. If you are a non-US customer please contact us.
    15. What are the conditions to obtain discounts from BIOWEB?
      All our customers, students, professionals, followers, those passionate amateurs in love with nature can visit our website, where we offer everyday discounted items. Conditions are subject to change without previous notice. Join us for our Facebook, Google+ and Twitter channel, where we often announce discounts and have special advertisements.
    16. What is Explore Bonus?
      With small contributions of gifts, books or cash BIOWEB helps support students or NGOs anywhere in the world. Please be attentive to our Facebook and Twitter channels, or sign-up to participate according with the requirements stated at the moment of the announcement. Purchase is not required. Recipients of the Explore Bonus will be published and notified in a timely manner.


    1. What do WP, FP and AW mean?
      WP means "waterproof" and FP means “fog proof”. The items showing these initials indicate product that is either water resistant, fog-proof and/or humidity-proof. AW is an abbreviation for “All-Weather”, used in all “Rite in the Rain” items, which identifies the type of patented paper to be used under bad weather conditions, rain and humidity.
    2. What does 2SL/3SE mean?
      This feature appears in all tents we offer. SL shows the number of people that fit in a tent to sleep; this means that 2SL is an ideal tent for two people. SE shows the number of seasons the tent is made to work properly in; the ideal for seasons spring, summer and autumn show the initials 3SE. The tents made for winter and for high elevations have the initial 4SE.