Sales Restrictions

Please read these Sales Restrictions carefully before buying some items on our website. 

If you are going to purchase items for animal capture and research, such as mistnets, fishing nets, blowguns, guns and CO2 rifles, traps, slingshots (sold only for pita thread or nylon shooting to use with strings or similar uses), and to avoid the illegal traffic of species, you must certify your purchase by complying with one of the following requirements:

  1. For the purchase of some items in your country we must receive, electronically scanned, your valid permit document to use the specific item. The submitted information will be confirmed with no exception.
    CANADA: Requires a permit to use mistnets, approved by Bird Banding Office of Canadian Wildlife Service.
    CHILE: Requires a catch permit issue by Servicio Agrícola y Ganadero.
    COSTA RICA: Requires a research permit approved by SINAC Sistema Nacional de Áreas de Conservación.
    UNITED STATES: Requires permit to use mistnets, approved by Bird Banding Laboratory of USGS.
    OTHER COUNTRIES IN THE AMERICAS: If an institutional permit is not required, please read numeral 2 instructions. If your country requires a permit and it is not included in this list, please tell us the name of the institution in charge.

If your country DOES NOT issue permits for use or purchase of these items, either for banding, trapping or for wildlife research, please send us by email some of the following documents:

  1. To Individuals: (Only will be sold to certified researchers) a) With a Professional ID: It should be possible to validate it through a virtual system located in your country; otherwise, please use the following option that also applies for students: b) Two business references. It may be from a teacher or from a co-worker (reference from a classmate is not accepted). You may send us an e-mail, as long as it has a business address, with a phone number; (residence, mobile or cell phone numbers are not accepted). If your reference is from an NGO person or private company, they must attach a current business permit not older than two months of being issued. If you are not able to comply with any of the above, unfortunately we cannot take the sale order.
  2. Private or Public Entities. a) If you are an educator, student or professional, and your entity is placing the purchase for you, you need to send us only a brief of your project, equipment and used methods, listing the names of people who will be using the equipment. When doing this list, you must include their e-mail address and, at least, one contact with a business phone number. b) If you work for a private company, send us the entity certificate of existence, not older than 90 days of being issued.
  3. Authorized Resellers. We DO NOT sell mistnets to authorized distributors for reselling. We will authorize a distributor by country only for government sales per purchase, but no exclusivity permanently. a) According with the Customer status, please refer to numerals 1, 2 and 3, as same information must be provided. For numeral 3, you must comply with b. b) A final purchase order or Customer information must be provided, indicating the equipment you would like to obtain. This last requirement should be complied with each one of your purchases.


- If your country requires you to have a sale certificate, please let us know ahead of time to attach it to your order. If a permit is required to import these items, you should obtain it from the government entity in charge of it for you to present it to the competent authorities once the items reach their destination. BIOWEB is not responsible for custom/brokerage decisions or delays in your country.
- You will assume any additional expense paid by BIOWEB in order to obtain your permit.
-We will ship your order as soon as all the above requirements are complied with.


This terms applies from August 18 2013. Any change will not be notified but date will be updated.